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What are some examples of what you have created?

Some of our favorites include:

Brittany and Brian Roland honeymoon in italy

Dave and Brenda Hostetter in Italy

Emily and John in New Zealand

Dani and Andrew in South Africa

Jim Darrup in Southern England

Gehr family in Italy

Abby and Mike Hoffner in Germany

Tiffany and Jeff in Woodstock

Matt and Bernadette in Greece

Deb and Family in Vegas

Deb and family in South Africa and Mozambique


Deb and Susan on road trip in New England

Carol Donahoe in Puglia Italy

Rutter family in southern Germany


An epic road trip through New England involving horseback riding on the beach, cooking with truffles, eating at one of the oldest taverns in the USA where George Washington ate, private yacht race and a helicopter to see a sold-out show of Hamilton.

A daughter's 18th birthday celebration in Amsterdam at Rembrandt's house including a performance by a local singer-songwriter and memories captured by a professional photographer.

Month long expedition to Antarctica for a single lady including a champagne toast while crossing the Antarctic Circle with an experience in South America focused on tango dancing and wines.

A family journey in Southern Germany and England created around futbol (soccer for the Americans) involving exotic sports cars, luxury treehouses and behind-the-scenes visit of Churchill's War Rooms.

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